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Fish Supplies in Northvale, New Jersey

All the fish supplies you could ever need are at Plaza Pet World in Northvale, New Jersey. There is no need to shop anywhere else—we have it all and we sell it for less.

Freshwater Fish
In our store you will find 36 fishtanks with big variety of colors and sizes of the freshwater fish. From small Neon tetra to big Parrot fish we make sure that all of our live fish stock is healthy and taken good care of. The most popular fish are Fantail goldfish and Bettas (Siamese fighting fish) since that fish doing OK without any filter or heater. For pond owners we offer large veriety of Pool Commets, Shubunkins and assorted Koi. Also we have been very busy selling Albino frogs and Tadpoles. Feeder goldfish is always available for sale.

Fish Food and Supplies
We carry flakes, pellets, freeze dried and frozen fish food along with pond food and aquatic turtle food. For vacationers we offer large variety of feeding blocks. Ones you will be in need of new filter cartridge, water conditioner, maintanance equipment or just a nice new decoration we are the place you should visit. Fishbowls and aquariums in all sizes and different shapes. Here are the few top selling brandnames that we carry in our store:


Live Fish
Visit our pet shop for a wide variety of exotic fish, goldfish, and tropical fish. Fish add a calming effect to any room. You'll love choosing just the right ones, and they are available in many different colors.

Supplies & Accessories
We carry several different types of fish food, tanks, aquariums, as well as simple fish bowls.

Along with filters, you'll find all kinds of décor, such as colored rock, marine plants, pH test strips, lamps, and algae scrapers, to keep your fish and tank in top condition.

Clown Fish, Fish Supplies in Northvale, NJ

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